Innovation inspired by you

No matter wthat size your business is, Moonshot is an innovative, flexible solution tailored to the needs of your website and your customer.

Innovate with data

Using data, our predictive models offer adapted prices for each of your customers.

Innovate by yourself

Get our API, plug our products on your website then you're ready to offer additional services to your customers.


Moonshot is where customer intel meets cutting-edge technology to make the purchasing process simpler and more efficient.

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It’s easy to plug Moonshot into your website using an API.

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Real time benefit

Once your API is installed, if there’s a problem with a purchase Moonshot gives customers the support they need in real time.

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It’s hassle-free if there’s a problem with a purchase, we offer your e-shoppers an intuitive online solution.

creates value…

… and it reassures your customers, provides them with the support they need and fosters customer loyalty.

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