Features of your Insurance-As-A-Service platform

Moonshot Insurance offers a modular and scalable Insurance-As-A-Service plateform operating securely, in real time.


Policy management



Reporting & Analytics

Plug & Play

We use technology to simplify insurance

Moonshot Insurance provides a wide range of technologies to offer the best experience for our partners and our their customers

Mobile screen damage recognition (AI)

Broken screens make up 70% of mobile insurance claims. With our screen damage recognition technology, submitting a claim is as easy as taking a picture.


With parametric insurance, predefined events (a delayed flight, snowfall, etc.) automatically trigger claim payments, without the need for customer action or proof.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing optimizes insurance premiums based on loss ratio and client risk profile


REST APIs deliver quick time-to-market, modular integration and predictable performances thanks to a standardized architecture.


Our usage-based auto insurance adjusts the insurance premiums based on your customers' actual mileage.


Our payment provider enables a seamless payment experience by providing flexible and modular payment methods (Local payment methods & currencies, one-time or recurring payment, etc…)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology allows your customers to just take a picture of their documents (Boarding pass, number plate), in order to automatically extract the required data to offer a seamless onboarding experience.


Chatbot offers a customer-friendly way to interact with your customers by providing a 24x7 customer service, lowering processing time, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

A/B testing

A/B testing methodology allows us to test and optimize multiple options such as sales arguments or webpage layouts to reach the best conversation rate.

Serverless architecture

Our serverless architecture enables us to provide a resilient and reliable platform, that is scalable as your business grows.

Our integration solutions

Illustration solution

White Label Integration

  • Easy and fast integration
  • Complementary solution for your after-sale campaigns
  • Conversion rates optimized with A/B testing
  • Responsive web design with your logo and colours
Illustration solution
Illustration technologie

REST API integration

  • Tailor-made integration
  • Native solution for your existing sales channels
  • Best conversion rates
  • Fully integrated into your mobile app and website

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